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Our irrigation experts will ensure your sprinkler system is designed, installed, and maintained for maximum efficiency and performance.

Landscape Lighting
Increase your property’s appeal and value with landscape lighting. Our outdoor lighting products are of the highest quality and efficiency utilizing LED technology.
Automate Your Irrigation System With Hydrawise
Sit back and relax. With Hydrawise, everything you need is in the palm of your hand. Remote access allows you to view, manage, and monitor your irrigation controller from your phone, tablet, or computer at your convenience.
Outdoor Living

Turn your outdoor space into a relaxing and fun environment with our with our premium sound and water feature offerings.

Backflow Testing
Ensure the safety and performance of your water system with our certified backflow testing proceedures.
Why We‘re The Best Irrigation & Outdoor Living Company In Indianapolis

✓ We’re family owned and operated

✓ Our staff has over 135 years of combined experience

✓ We’ve been providing exceptional service since 1980

✓ Our irrigation experts are certified by the Irrigation Association

✓ We take pride in what we do and stand behind our work

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Landscape Lighting

Our landscape lighting experts are trained in the art of lighting placement and proper installation techniques.  We use only high-quality lighting products, ensuring that your system will last for years to come.

Outdoor Sound

Enhance the ambiance of your landscape with an outdoor music system.  We utilize state of the art speakers designed espcially for concealed use in outdoor areas to deliver exceptional sound with minimal visual impact.

Backflow Testing

Ensure the safety of your irrigation system with our backflow testing services.  Our thourough testing protocol checks for any instances of contamination of non-potable water into potable watersources due to backflow equipment failures.

Bug Repellent

Enjoy your lawn well into the evening hours with our bug repellent services.  Our product applications are designed to deter mosquitos and other pesky insects to ensure you and your guests stay comfortable and undisturbed.


We specialize in irrigation design, installation and maintance.  Whether you are looking for a new system or you need help repairing or optimizing an existing irrigation system, we have you covered.


Protect your structures and surrounding landscapes with a professionally installed drainage system.  Our drainage designs keep water where it should be to prevent flooding and water damage during inclement weather.

Fertilization Systems

Keep your lawn looking its best throughout the year with our automatic fertilization systems. Let us eliminate the need to worry about when and how to fertilize your grass manaully.

Water Features

Water features provide an unique way to enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space.  Let us make your space unique with expertely designed and installed ponds, fountains, or waterfalls.

Over 1,000 Satisfied Customers Throughout Indiana

“It turned out really well. It was a very difficult job and no one wanted to take it on. They had to use creative problem solving to complete the work. We’re still very pleased with the system. They are very thorough, reasonable, and nice as well.”
“We’ve been happy with their service. They come out promptly when we called and explain what they are doing. Their fees always seem to be reasonable for what they perform. One of our valves is finicky and they’ve shown my husband how to make it work so we don’t have to call them every time.”
“They were very professional. They gave me a quote. They stuck to that quote they showed up when they said they would. They did a fantastic job and I would recommend them.”

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  • Indianapolis
  • Spring Hill
  • Rocky Ripple
  • Meridian Hills
  • Carmel
  • Fishers
  • Castleton
  • Lawrence
  • Zionsville
  • Brownsburg
  • Avon
  • Greenwood
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  • McCordsville
  • And More!
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